DMB Series
Getting Started with Direct Mail
Getting Started with Direct Mail
Whether you are new to the industry or need a refresher, this white paper will walk you through the basics of direct mail. Upon finishing, you will have learned how to get started, who the players are and what steps are needed to complete a successful direct mailing.
Planning Your Direct Mail Integrated Campaigns
Great marketing campaigns don't just happen - they require a coordinated effort across departments and partners. Download Tension’s “A Guide for Planning Your Direct Mail and Integrated Campaigns,” complete with checklists, tools and data, to help you plan your next direct mail and integrated campaign.
Planning Integrated Campaign
Get to Know USPS
Get to Know the USPS
Direct mail’s 40-40-20 Rule tells us that the success of a direct mail campaign is based 40% on the right offer, 40% on the right audience, and 20% on good creative. How does the USPS® fit in? Download Tension’s "Get to Know the USPS" white paper and learn about key USPS products, programs and players that can drive your strategy and help your campaign succeed.
Creating Your Offer
We know from direct mail’s 40-40-20 rule that the success (or failure) of a direct mail campaign is based 40% on making the right offer, 40% on targeting the right audience, and 20% on your creative. Learn how to make the most of your offer with this white paper from Tension.
Creating Your Offer
Targeting and lists
Targeting and Lists
Are you confident in your ability to find the best audience for your offer? A good mailing list can make the different between the success or failure of your direct mail campaign, and picking the right one involves knowledge of the players, options and elements. Download Tension's "Direct Mail Basics: Targeting and Lists" to learn what’s available, how lists are compiled and key questions to ask your list provider.
Testing Your Mailpiece
Determining the likes and dislikes of your audience doesn't require a crystal ball. When done correctly, testing can highlight the elements of your mailpiece that work...and those that don’t. Download Tension's "Direct Mail Basics: Testing Your Mailpiece" for helpful direct mail testing tips. 
Creating Your Offer